Growth. Always. In all ways.

Vusal Suleyman (Vüsal Süleymanlı)

Vusal Suleyman (Vüsal Süleymanlı) is Digital Innovations & Marketing Coach, Business Development Consultant, Innovation Keynote Speaker, Design Thinking Trainer, Startup Ecosystem Builder and Entrepreneur. He helps entrepreneurs, public & private organizations to grow their businesses always, in all ways.



  • Founder & CEO @ Innova Ventures Group;
  • Ex - CMO @ Whelp, Inc. - AI Powered Customer Support SaaS Startup (4M $ cap.);
  • Ex - Global Business Development Director @ SAYMORE Training & Development;
  • Independent Entrepreneur @ Sparklabs Group - Asia's largest VC /  Startup Accelerator KR, Seoul;
  • Independent Entrepreneur @ Starta Accelerator - US, New York;
  • Independent Entrepreneur @ Next Commerce Accelerator - DE, Hamburg;
  • Independent Entrepreneur @ Startup Poland.


  • Founding Director of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences High Technologies Park / Business Incubation Center;
  • Founding Coordinator of Azerbaijan - China Technology Transfer Center;
  • National Technology Transfer Officer of China Global Technology Transfer Center;
  • National Coordinator of SRHPA - China Silk Road High Tech Parks Association;
  • National Coordinator of South Korea Science, Technology Policy Institute and International Innovation Cooperation Center;
  • National Consultant for Azerbaijan Republic in Digital Transformation of SMEs and Development of Business Incubation Centers.
  • Business Trainer for KOBIA - SMEDA (Small  and Medium Entrepreneurship Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan)

Civil / NGOs:

  • Innovation Consultant @ UNDP - United Nations Development Programme
  • Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer @ Social HUB
  • Chapter Director @ Startup Grind - World's largest Entrepreneurs Community US, California;
  • Regional Curator @ Hello Tomorrow - World's largest Deep Tech Startups Community FR, Paris;
  • Network Association Member @ Europeana - EU's largest Digital Heritage Program - NL, Hague.


  • Executive Program in Tech Entrepreneurship @ US Starta Ventures;
  • Executive Program in Tech Entrepreneurship @ Korea Sparklabs;
  • Executive Program in Innovation & Technology @ Korea Science, Technology Policy Institute;
  • Executive Program in Technology Transfer @ China National Technology Transfer Center;
  • M.Sc. in Management Information Systems Graduate & Lecturer @ Baku Engineering University.